Tuesday, 13 January 2015


happy new year n shit.

it has been quite a while since we've posted anything on here. my bad

A Huge thanks to Janick for inviting us down to Varning in Montreal... an incredible weekend with lots of great bands. Great to see the philly homies in stasi and danny boy from baldimore.

Another big thanks to Julian and Greg for having us down for two shows during Not Dead Yet weekend in toronto a week after. Wiccans 4 ever.

the biggest thanks to everyone that helped with makes me sick in hamilton in december... couldn't have gone any smoother. thanks Brandon for the drums Lou and Tyler for the venues and all the bands for playing.  Craig and Leah for all the help with the logistical shit.

very stoked our boys in Cruelster and the lads and lady of Mayday got over the border. Great turn out for both shows we appreciate everyone coming. hamilton is the sick.

We will be playing this saturday January 17th in Buffalo for Coldblood weekend with blood pressure and farang among many others @ the Polish Library (link Adam Mickiewicz Library & Dramatic Circle, Inc.)

We've been plugging away at a full length and will be taking some time through the winter/spring to finish writing and record that stuff.

thanks to everyone that continues to wait for their online orders... they will get to you... probably... but not on time ever.


kissing a photo of Dan Gonzales

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